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The Ocean Freight Container :

The Ocean Freight Container is a huge component of international trade, and has been an extremely important aspect of how cargo transportation has taken shape through the years. In the most recent decade, the volume of global ocean going cargo reached more than 8 billion tons. This fact, coupled with an annual average growth rate in this respect of 3 percent proves that the Steel Shipping Container was an invention to be reckoned with.


20' Standard One Trip Container :

20′ Standard One Trip Containers are a great choice due to their convenient size and affordability. 20′ Containers will fit in a typical parking spot and are often found in side yards or behind buildings. 20′ One trip containers are also available in the most plentiful supply throughout the World. These Containers often come with security-enhanced lockbox and higher handles for easier entry (Higher Locking Gear).


20ft one trip containers – Harbor Marine BoatWorks

20ft one trip container

November 11, 2011  Harbor Marine Works is a family owned and operated full service Marine Yard located in Santa Barbara, CA.  The facility is situated in the Beautiful Santa Barbara Harbor, and serves in a number of vital roles as the only haul-out yard in all of Santa Barbara County.  As an important gateway destination to the Channel Islands and a harbor of safe refuge proximate to Point Conception, they support very active home ported, recreational, commercial, sport-fishing and agency fleets, as well as many coastwise cruising and transient vessels.  Their philosophy is quite simply, the very best service available at the very best price possible.  This philosophy means the world to people, when the next boatyard seems a world away.

Within the services they provide, there is an inherent amount of marine worthy storage needed in an area that is extremely exposed to the elements.  Essentially right on the sand!  Due to the exposure at their location, Harbor MarineWorks contacted Container Alliance, because some of their existing storage containers previously purchased were beginning to rust out, creating problems for their state of the art equipment and tools needed for the services they provide.  Container Alliance went to the location to see exactly what was needed to properly accommodate their storage needs.  The solution was two, 20’ One Trip Containers.  One Trip Shipping Containers are the best option for this type of location due to being newly manufactured, having solid hardwood floors, and can serve as the best possible unit in terms of portable storage with regards to being safe from the elements, absolutely wind and water tight, as well as structurally sound.  The new 20′ containers are built with COR-TEN Steel which is essentially the same material that has been used to repair bridges.   COR-TEN is considered a “weathering steel” due to it’s chemical composition, these steels exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steels. This is because the steel forms a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather.  Container Alliance recommended this type of steel container for Harbor Marineworks due to their close proximity to the ocean and therefore Container Alliance is certain Harbor Marineworks has selected the perfect product for there container storage needs.

As a general mission, Container Alliance tries to provide excellent customer service and outstanding value when it comes to providingShipping Containers for storage.  Being located in Santa Barbara County, we always take extra care, and try to take that extra step in our community to make sure that local businesses stay successful, and that we all stay supportive of each other.

Harbor MarineWorks is an institution when it comes to their long lasting reputation as the experts in marine vessel haul-out and repair.  Their high level of experience has served the area for years, and with decades of experience, they will be the go to facility for generations to come.  Container Alliance is honored to have a relationship with Harbor MarineWorks in helping them with their Portable Storage needs.

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Written by:  Gabe Crane, Container Alliance in collaboration with Harbor MarineWorks

Ocean Freight Containers: One of The Most Important Inventions of Our Time?

The Ocean Freight Container is a huge component of international trade, and has been an extremely important aspect of how cargo transportation has taken shape through the years. In the most recent decade, the volume of global ocean going cargo reached more than 8 billion tons. This fact, coupled with an annual average growth rate in this respect of 3 percent proves that the Steel Shipping Container was an invention to be reckoned with.

The Box and Economics: A Key Factor

Roughly 16 percent of global freight exports originating from more than 200 countries were bound for the United States, and of that amount, almost 60 percent was oceanborne cargo, in other words, carried by Ocean Freight Containers. The United States is the world’s largest economy and leading importing nation, accounting for almost 25 percent of global gross domestic product. A large percentage of GDP is carried by Ocean Cargo so a significant amount world trade hinges on the utilization of these Corten Steel Shipping Containers. It’s numbers like this that stress the importance of the Ocean Freight Container and how much of an impact it’s had on the global economy and many other aspects of our lives.

Modern World Effects

Since the 21st century began, almost 90 percent of non-bulk cargo on a global basis is moved by Ocean Freight Containers stacked on steamships. The sheer dominance of the container has had a ripple effect in other areas of not only cargo transport, but industry standards as well. For example, there were four main recommendations by the ISO (International Standardization Organization) that were internationally accepted:

  • Proposal of standard corner fittings
  • Defined the terminology, dimensions and ratings
  • Defined the identification and markings
  • Proposed the minimum internal dimensions of the cargo container

After these main components were set in stone, other areas of general freight economics were affected. Trucking and other intermodal methods had to conform to these standards, specifically as determined by these four primary recommendations defined by the ISO. Flatbed dimensions, width and height changed per these new standards. The way that products were packed; pallets and boxes – basically everything with regards to cargo fell within these set of guidelines to help improve cost and productivity. It is was so much faster and more organized to load and unload cargo that the cost of loading freight was reduced by more than 90%. Therefore, the cost of products you buy or sell were reduced greatly because of the ISO Shipping Container. Containerization has revolutionized international cargo transportation, bringing substantial improvements in general efficiency.


An American Made Change

Malcolm Mclean may not have realized the difference he was making in the lives of human beings when he came up with the idea for the Shipping Container in 1956, but the invention was most definitely pre-meditated. After watching, for 20 years, the slow and inefficient method of carrying, loading and unloading cargo, Mclean finally decided the industry needed a change. He came up with the idea that a specific unit was needed that conformed to a standard the world would recognize. So, the man born in Maxton, North Carolina was not only an American Entrepreneur but later became known as the father of Containerization and named the Man of the Century for his invention of the Ocean Freight Container.

One Trip Containers for Rent – Super Man Movie Set

The new Superman movie, The Man of Steel, will be released in December of 2012. The town of Plano, Illinois has gone through a dramatic change.

Hollywood and the Warner Brothers mega million-dollar production has come to a normally very quiet rural down – In the Superman comic, the town of Smallville is an important piece of the puzzle. To the producer and director of Superman, Plano, IL represents the perfect Smallville.

Filming for a portion of the movie was recently completed in Plano. This small but growing rural community 50 miles west of downtown Chicago was transformed into a Metropolis for a couple of weeks in August. The historical downtown district was closed to business while the movie was being filmed.

Sections of the town were temporarily changed to incorporate a barbershop, bank, fake 7-11 and other stores. As you can see from the pictures, they are just “storefronts” built in front of a structure that consisted of 20′ storage containers stacked and lashed in place three high.

So you may ask yourself why shipping containers? And what do they have to do with Superman? Well shipping containers are as strong as superman himself. They are made to be stacked 8 or 9 tall loaded with cargo. The structure of the container when lashed down is capable of withstanding category 5 hurricanes with ease. It has been reported even that during very powerful tornados,storage containers if secured to the ground are the only structures that survive. Storage containershave been used on countless movie and television sets for many different reasons. Often theshipping containers serve as a backdrop to create an industrial setting. They can easily be arranged like building blocks to create the ideal setting. They can also be used as portable structures, such as in Superman. The portability gives a non-permanent structure that can be setup quickly and efficiently. In addition to being convenient, they are also affordable.


The twenty four (24) 20ft storage containerswere supplied by Great Lakes Kwik Space, Aurora, IL. Great Lakes Kwik Space was happy to provide a solution for the Superman set and are pleased to hear that the movie created a positive economic impact for the local community in Plano, IL.   By the way, the fake 7-11 store gets blown up, (the shipping containers remain safe) and half the “town” gets destroyed… but we think Superman will prevail. Feel free to contact us for more information and a free quote.


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