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20ft one trip containers – Harbor Marine BoatWorks

20ft one trip container

November 11, 2011  Harbor Marine Works is a family owned and operated full service Marine Yard located in Santa Barbara, CA.  The facility is situated in the Beautiful Santa Barbara Harbor, and serves in a number of vital roles as the only haul-out yard in all of Santa Barbara County.  As an important gateway destination to the Channel Islands and a harbor of safe refuge proximate to Point Conception, they support very active home ported, recreational, commercial, sport-fishing and agency fleets, as well as many coastwise cruising and transient vessels.  Their philosophy is quite simply, the very best service available at the very best price possible.  This philosophy means the world to people, when the next boatyard seems a world away.

Within the services they provide, there is an inherent amount of marine worthy storage needed in an area that is extremely exposed to the elements.  Essentially right on the sand!  Due to the exposure at their location, Harbor MarineWorks contacted Container Alliance, because some of their existing storage containers previously purchased were beginning to rust out, creating problems for their state of the art equipment and tools needed for the services they provide.  Container Alliance went to the location to see exactly what was needed to properly accommodate their storage needs.  The solution was two, 20’ One Trip Containers.  One Trip Shipping Containers are the best option for this type of location due to being newly manufactured, having solid hardwood floors, and can serve as the best possible unit in terms of portable storage with regards to being safe from the elements, absolutely wind and water tight, as well as structurally sound.  The new 20′ containers are built with COR-TEN Steel which is essentially the same material that has been used to repair bridges.   COR-TEN is considered a “weathering steel” due to it’s chemical composition, these steels exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steels. This is because the steel forms a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather.  Container Alliance recommended this type of steel container for Harbor Marineworks due to their close proximity to the ocean and therefore Container Alliance is certain Harbor Marineworks has selected the perfect product for there container storage needs.

As a general mission, Container Alliance tries to provide excellent customer service and outstanding value when it comes to providingShipping Containers for storage.  Being located in Santa Barbara County, we always take extra care, and try to take that extra step in our community to make sure that local businesses stay successful, and that we all stay supportive of each other.

Harbor MarineWorks is an institution when it comes to their long lasting reputation as the experts in marine vessel haul-out and repair.  Their high level of experience has served the area for years, and with decades of experience, they will be the go to facility for generations to come.  Container Alliance is honored to have a relationship with Harbor MarineWorks in helping them with their Portable Storage needs.

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Written by:  Gabe Crane, Container Alliance in collaboration with Harbor MarineWorks

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